The monumental structures of the grain silos are a visual dominant of many Czech towns and villages. In landscape view, they play a similar role as medieval castles played in the past. Passing them every day serves as a subconscious compass and a measure of distance. Almost everyone can recall some „of their own“ silos near their home or hometown. These mundane, magnificent buildings, however, have a certain amount of invisibility despite their bulkiness. Like the picture above the couch or the tree in front of the house, the silos gradually seep into our subconscious, losing the ability to play their original role and serve only as scenery along the edges of our perception. In his photographic collection, Lukáš Tofan decided in a specific way to reassign the magnificence to them and bring them back to the center of our field of vision. Inadvertently, their immediate surroundings, which may be equally important, get into the scene. Perhaps more invisible than the silo itself are these anonymous landscapes that surround them. They have an exceptional ability to tell the story of the current form of the Czech periphery, society and this time. (curatorial text by Tereza Bonaventurová).